The First in the Series

We have been working on this concept for the past few months. The last few pieces we have made have been of aluminum. With this we have moved on to copper in various forms. The problems we faced were many between cutting and attaching the pieces to molding the forms. The studio is still coming together. Finding the tools is a problem, water in the form of rain, switching from glass to metal you name it, it has been an issue. I feel as though we have faced a crisis daily and the piece you are looking at is the reward ! It came together almost by magic because we had to keep finding work arounds.
With the new bench and the small torch we were able to spot weld some of the pieces on. Then we discovered the the new skill set of making jump rings to attach the swirls together and then additionally we used rods to stabilize the wobbly pieces. All in all it was a great learning process and a huge step up toward the next piece which is currently in the works!